Membership in the Willmar Rifle & Pistol Club is one of the most affordable gun clubs in Minnesota at only $70.00 for the entire year!

Membership Includes:

1) Your Own Key to the Outdoor Range on the east side of Eagle Lake.

You're free to use the range daily, any time you wish, within the operating hours and rules of the club.

2) An NRA Membership or your current NRA Membership extended for another year.

3) Invitations to multiple types of shooting events such as:  Steel Shoot, USPSA type shoot, M1, Women On Target, Youth Education and Shooting Day, Varmint Shoot, Picnics and More!


Membership in Willmar Rifle and Pistol Club is Easy and can be purchased at these retailers:

* Zero Tolerance in Willmar

* Runnings in Willmar

* Mels in Spicer

*Laibs in Spicer

* Health Insurance Services in the Skylark Mall